10 x 10

I just finished a spring 10x10 challenge on Instagram. It originated with Lee of Style Bee in was in collaboration with Caroline from Unfancy.

Basically you pick ten items of clothing from your wardrobe and wear/style/create outfits from them for ten days.

So without further ado, here’s 10 things I learned from wearing 10 items for 10 days.

  1. I generally like my clothing. I’m pretty proud of this fact. It’s honestly taken a lot of work and patience to get to this place. Of course there’s always items I would love to add to my collection, but overall, I did have a feeling of contentedness.

  2. My shoe game needs work. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to shoes, but seeing how worn out and basic my shoes are made me want to spice it up a little bit.

  3. Scarves and hair can be a great accessories. This is especially useful because I’m not great at accessorizing.

  4. It’s nice to wear “real” clothing and not just loungewear or yoga pants all day. I spend most of my time at home so it’s easy to fall into this trap. Of course there’s nothing wrong with yoga pants, but dressing up a little for yourself is a good confidence boost.

  5. Boring is subjective. The first couple of days I was afraid to post my photos in fear that people would see how boring I dress. But guess what? Nobody cares how boring or not boring you dress, and to some people those outfits weren’t boring at all. Just dress how you want to dress.

  6. My clothing is more versatile then I gave it credit for. I had this jumpsuit that I’d worn for awhile but I was selling it short. I thought it as a one trick pony. But through some reimagining I came up with a few different looks from a pretty basic palette.

  7. It’s ok to think about what I wear. Again I had insecurities of appearing vain or indulgent by talking about what I was wearing each day, but what we wear is important. It effects how we feel, it effects the people who made our clothing, it effects our environment. All of those are good reasons to care.

  8. How I see myself is not necessarily how others see me. This kind of goes along with the whole “boring” narrative I mentioned earlier. Clothes that I might be tired of can be something new to somebody else. I might think a certain shape is unflattering on my body, but others might not agree...or even care.

  9. I’m a terrible poser. Every time Joe would take my outfit photo there were so many awkward moments... Especially with my hands... what do you do with your hands?

  10. There’s a community of likeminded woman out there who are so kind and positive. Honestly, this was the best part of the challenge. It was so nice to see complete strangers complimenting and encouraging one another. It restored my faith in humanity.

So, yes, I would definitely do it again, and thank you to everybody who was so sweet during these 10 days.