The Sun Will Rise

I stayed up late last night. Waiting for a miracle that never came. I don’t usually share anything of a political nature online but hey, this election broke all the rules so I’m entitled to break a few myself right?

I woke up today in despair. I was ashamed, angry, and in disbelief.

I still cannot quite wrap my mind around the fact that many people whom I love dearly voted for a man who, from my perspective is dangerous and evil. 

I am angry at evangelical conservative christians who once again told us that they would rather align with the powerful, than the needy. These are not the teachings of the Jesus I follow. 

I’m afraid for the many diverse minority faces we have in this country, one of whom is my husband. 

As a woman I am beyond disgusted knowing that sexism is very much still alive in our culture evidenced by the millions of white men that didn’t care that they were voting for a sexual predator.

I know many of you will vehemently disagree with me, and I understand. This is a complex situation with many facets to it. But I do believe we need to be allowed to voice our grief. As much as Trump supporters have a right to be excited right now, I also have a right to mourn. So today I grieve. But we will wake up tomorrow and try again. I have seen much love today, and I know there is love still to be found. 

I felt moved to share this song with the many people who are hurting and scared today. I wrote it years ago, but I think it might be more applicable today than it was before.