$5 - TIER 1

Digital Download of A Dangerous Game.

Hear the new music 2 days before the rest of the world! The songs will be delivered via dropbox (release date tbd)

139/150 available

$25 - TIER 2

Digital download of A Dangerous Game + signed copy of original composition sheet music

45/50 available

$50 - Tier 3

Tiers 1-2 + enamel pin designed by our dear friend Beth Matthews.

67/75 available

$85 - Tier 4

Tiers 1-3 + unreleased demos of 2 never before heard songs. We will send you these demos through a private Soundcloud link for your listening pleasure

35 available

$100 - Tier 5

Tiers 1-4 + early access to the A Dangerous Game studio diary, accessible through a private Vimeo link

49/50 available

$175 - Tier 6

Tiers 1-5 + a month bread subscription (Nashville only!) from my resident baker. We will contact you to pick a month for the bread subscription that works with both of our schedules. The bread will be ready for pickup at our residence once a week for a month

5 available

$200 - Tier 7

Tiers 1-5 + A 12x15 print of the commissioned artwork by Shealeen Louise, signed and numbered by the artist

25 available

$350 - TIER 8

Tiers 1-5, 7 + exclusive access to my mini podcast where I pull back the curtains on the making of A Dangerous Game! We will send you a private Soundcloud link for you to stream the podcast

29/30 available

$500 - Tier 9

Tiers 1-5, 7-8 + A custom cover song of your choosing recorded just for you! This will be an acoustic cover (subject to my approval) recorded by me for you! You will be sent a private link to stream and download.. This will take some time, but I’ll be in touch about when you can expect to receive it 

4 available


Tiers 1-9 (excluding Tier 6 unless you are Nashville based) An original painting for A Dangerous Game by the wonderfully talented Shealeen Louise. This 18x24 piece will be painted on Arches paper for the highest quality and has been commissioned specifically for this project making it truly one of a kind. Painting only, does not include frame.

0/1 available


Embracing a minimalist lifestyle? Not into the rewards? You can contribute whatever amount you want towards the pre-order no strings (or rewards) attached


This tier includes a digital download of A Dangerous Game plus the print and pin duo!

Print is 12x15.