The past few months I’ve been working on my next musical endeavor. I’m happy to say that the music is finished and I’m preparing to release it into the world!

This time around I wanted to experiment with taking one melody and repurposing it into 3 movements. Hence, A Dangerous Game was born.

A Dangerous Game is a suite of 3 pieces of music that interlock and are meant to be listened to as one work. It includes both instrumental music and a single and I had so much fun playing in both mediums for this project. It was such a unique creative experience that stretched me and made me fall in love with music all the more.

Through all the years of making music I’ve come to realize that it is a team sport and no artist, however independent, can actually walk through the process alone. Believe me I’ve tried. But it takes a multitude to make, release, and spread the word about any work of art. While I’ve known it intellectually, with this project I’m acting on that knowledge.

I am launching a pre-order of A Dangerous Game to help me release this music in the best way I can. It turns out you can’t just put something up on Spotify or AppleMusic and hope for the best. A lot of work is going into the release and I want to invite you to join me in making it possible. It’s quite humbling to ask for help in this way, but I’ve come to realize that the “do it yourself” artist is a fallacy. We need each other.

So, if you have listened to and loved my music through the years and want to be a part of the new release please join in on my pre-order campaign!

There are some pretty fun rewards for pledging like: a month bread subscription from my resident baker, early access to studio diaries, an original painting from Shealeen Louise, and a super secret mini podcast where I dig into the production of A Dangerous Game and pull back the curtains on how it was made.

This pre-order will be open from now until August 2nd and our aim is to have all the rewards delivered by October 2019 unless it is otherwise stated below.

I can’t wait for you to hear this music. Thank you for investing in me and the music that I make!