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Fiction is a tale of progress. It’s a journey from winter into spring. From certainty to surrender.


The complete album available everywhere now.


Vanita Joines a rising indie songstress based in Nashville, TN. In her debut album, Fiction, set to release in three parts starting January 2018, Joines employs introspective lyrics and haunting melodies to explore the challenges of loving one’s self and others, as well as the protective facades we build. The album is structured in three acts: survival, emancipation, and revision. Each act is made up of three songs examining how the freedom from the fictional version of ourselves allows us to begin to accept who we are, noting how love can still thrive amid loss and pain.


Working alongside producer Evan Sieling, Joines showcases a minimalist, yet intricate, style paired with brooding vocals to create a listening experience that sways from chilling to comforting, a dance known by anyone who’s ever navigated the dark complexities of change. Joines sound has been compared to and inspired by artists such as Damien Rice, Joni Mitchell, and Glen Hansard.


Joines’ intimate relationship with music started young, playing the guitar from age 6 and participating in a gospel band alongside her 5 siblings and parents in rural Pennsylvania. She describes her initial interest in music as regimented and familial, but Joines’ love of songwriting and singing followed her into adulthood, eventually maturing into a vocation. With the unveiling of her debut album, Fiction, Joines introduces an arresting independent sound shaped by both the depth of her roots and her own life story.


You can find Joines music on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon come January 2018.




These prints are a visual, physical representation of each act of Fiction. As each act becomes available, so will the next print. I hope these bring beauty and joy into your home.

Act I
Act II

Watch the Tall Tales Official Music Video now!!


This is a song of reckoning and is an essential piece of the story of Fiction. We had so much fun filming this as we traipsed all over Oregon. I hope you enjoy it as well.



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