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Music is a language Vanita has spoken since she can remember. From her childhood days in a family gospel band to her first foray into songwriting at eleven, the marriage of lyric and melody has remained a steady passion. A decade in Nashville has brought many seasons to her artistry, but these days, Vanita is unapologetic about stepping into her own space to create the music she wants to see in the world, both as a songwriter and performer.

Her last album, Fiction, is filled with haunting melodies and depth of emotion. As Vanita began to dream about her next project, she was inspired by a film composers’ ability to reinvent a melody time after time. In A Dangerous Game, she’s trying just that— a repurposed melody in three movements, inspired by the classical music and sweeping film scores she’s always revered. From a hopeful-sounding string trio in A Prelude to heartbreakingly honest lyrics to the somber horns of A Reprise, this project takes listeners on an emotional journey through the lengths we all go to love and be loved. A Dangerous Game releases everywhere on October 4th.

Vanita lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and their pup, Mowgli.